Volkswagen introduced a stand-alone electric bus

The German automotive concern Volkswagen introduced a self-contained minibus on an electric drive with an autopilot. In 2018, VW plans to launch its own MOIA passenger transportation service in Germany, for which a six-seater mini bus with autopilot function was developed.

Inside the salon there is Wi-Fi, LED-illuminated sockets for charging gadgets and soft chairs that allow passengers to feel at home. Learn about the time of arrival, take a seat and pay for the trip people will be able to use a special application for smartphones.

By 2025, Volkswagen plans to produce about one million such unmanned mini-vans for the American and European markets. Despite the fact that the main goal of the MOIA is to establish the production of unmanned highly specialized cars for roads of this use in the near future, the autopilot in the first trucks is not exhibited dignity, it simply is. Whereas much more attention is paid to the technical specifications of the vehicle.

On one charge the bus can drive up to 300 kilometers, and 80 percent of its batteries are charged in just 30 minutes. A trip on a new public transport will cost cheaper than a taxi, because here we are not talking about an individual order, but about a joint trip on a small electric bus.

According to the developers, they do not intend to compete with ordinary municipal transport, but they will be able to provide their services to those who want to comfortably travel a short distance, for example, to the nearest supermarket. Such transport is useful for the elderly, disabled people or simply for those who are too lazy to walk – the MOIA stops will be located at a distance of 250 meters along the entire length of the routes.

In Europe, the first MOIA electric buses will appear early next year, and to the USA they will reach the end of 2018.

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