Velodyne company will improve the “sight” of unmanned vehicles 10 times

Lidars provide unmanned vehicles with three-dimensional vision, thanks to which cars can independently navigate the roads. One of the leaders of lidar production for more than ten years remains the company Velodyne, which produces more and more new devices that surpass old ones in many ways. The company’s newest development is the 128-channel lidar sensor, with the highest resolution and the largest range of operation.

Thanks to 128 lasers installed in the body of the novelty, cars with autopilot will be able to see at a much higher resolution. In addition, the novelty scans the terrain from three to ten times faster than previous lidars, which is necessarily useful for new and “wiser” machines with an autopilot – they will definitely need better “vision”. The developers note that although their devices provide a good view of the machine vision systems, it is better to use such lidars as a complete set with cameras, radars and GPS.

The components of the new lidars will start production in early 2018, by the middle of the year they are going to establish full-scale production, and at the end of 2018 the devices will begin to supply key customers.

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