Honda will launch an electroscooter with replaceable batteries

Scooters PCX – a very popular vehicle in Japan, so they continue to sell in large batches. To reduce the emission of exhaust gases, Honda decided to modify the scooters, releasing a hybrid and electric version of this model with replaceable batteries. Test the novelties will be at the event, which will soon be held in the Japanese city of Saitama. In the same place, the company will introduce and test two autonomous cars created for the delivery of goods.

From the usual PCX, their eco-friendly versions are distinguished by blue patches on the case and the ability to use replaceable batteries. This solution will allow the owners not to limit themselves to the power reserve from the battery, if necessary, simply changing the battery. Completely an electric scooter and a model with a hybrid installation have not yet gone into the series. So far Honda plans to hold several presentations to see if new models of potential owners are interested. For now, one thing is alarming: the developers do not report any details about the power plant and the capacity of the batteries. Perhaps their volume is not as great as we would like.

Scooter for residents of large cities is much more convenient car – it allows you to quickly get to the right place, avoiding traffic jams and congestion. Due to its dimensions, the owners do not have problems with parking. A small battery charges faster than a car, and the charging station does not have to search long – the scooter can be charged from an ordinary outlet in a cafe. The electric drive will also reduce the noise level and help fight air pollution with exhaust gases.

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