Diseases will be detected by simply scanning the retina

Periodic diagnostics and preventive examinations help to identify a lot of diseases at an early stage, but some conditions can be diagnosed only when the disease has already been protracted. In addition, many life-threatening pathologies can not be detected in remote regions due to the lack of qualified specialists. But recently, the staff of the Medical University of Vienna presented an affordable retinal scanner, which can be a good tool for early diagnosis of a number of diseases, including diabetes.

As the publication Science Daily writes, for their development researchers used data that can be “counted” from the retina of the eye of any person, and it can give information a lot. In the development of the scanner, the technology of optical coherence tomography (OCT) was used, which produces up to 40 000 images within 1.2 seconds. The received data are analyzed by algorithms based on artificial intelligence, and after the system issues a conclusion.

As it turned out, this method of diagnosis without the help of an ophthalmologist makes it possible to identify the patient’s diabetes or to calculate the risk of his appearance, in addition, you can get data on the biological age, inclination and smoking experience and a number of parameters. In the near future, scientists want to improve the algorithm to diagnose age-related degenerative disorders, neurological problems, kidney disease, heart and blood vessels, liver, and pathology of other internal organs.

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