DARPA invests $ 100 million in the development of genetic weapons

According to the publication Guardian, the Office of Advanced Research Projects USA (DARPA) has begun to develop weapons based on genetic engineering. To work on the project, the agency allocated 100 million US dollars. The new weapon will edit the genome of living organisms in such a way that they can not reproduce the offspring.

It should be noted that at the moment the project is designed to combat malarial mosquitoes, rodents and other fauna that are dangerous to humans. At the same time, representatives of the United Nations have already expressed extreme concern about such actions on the part of DARPA, because such technologies can be used for military purposes.

“Many countries are afraid when such technologies come from DARPA, a scientific unit of the US Army. You can destroy a virus or even an entire population of living organisms, but this can adversely affect other species of animals that depend on them. More worrying is that with all the advantages of the disappearance of dangerous species from the face of the Earth, the consequences can be irreversible if this technology does not work as planned. “

According to reports, the US government and DARPA are the largest investors supporting genetic engineering. From 2008 to 2014, US $ 820 million has already been spent on research in this area. Modern methods of editing the genome like CRISPR allow you to edit the parts of the insect DNA so that the sex changes. Apparently, something similar is planned by DARPA. At the same time, representatives of the agency say that the figure of $ 100 million was heavily inflated and there is no threat to the existence of biological species.

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