Competitor Tesla introduced an unmanned shuttle for “smart” cities

The company Fisker Automotive, recently announced the creation of a luxury sedan , capable of squeezing the position of Tesla, continues to work in other directions. Recently, the companypresented the project of an unmanned shuttle, capable of independently transporting passengers in “smart” cities.

While the shuttle is almost nothing to tell. It is only known that the development is conducted jointly with the Chinese company Hakim Unique Group, which invested in Fisker Automotive a tidy sum. The shuttle will be called Orbit and after the exit it will have all chances to become a public transport of the new generation – in comparison with other similar buses, it will have more seats. How much is not specified, but if you compare the similar projects of other manufacturers, where there are usually six seats, it can be assumed that due to the lack of a cabin in Fisker Orbit, the number of seats can increase to eight. In addition, a large display will be installed inside the cabin, on which the current route with stops will be displayed.

In Fisker note that Orbit does not have to wait long. On the roads of the “smart” city of Hakim Unique, the bus will appear at the end of the next year, 2018. If we consider that Hakim Unique Group has branches in different cities and countries, it can be assumed that the child of Fisker will appear in different places of our planet.

The idea of ​​unmanned shuttles is actively promoted by developers from different countries. There are similar projects in Russia. So, VolgaBUS company independently develops a modular unmanned platform “MATRESHKA”, on the basis of which it will be possible to mount a passenger shuttle or a cargo platform on electric traction. Earlier it was reported that the “matryoshka” had already started testing in the Russian Innopolis. At the moment, their development continues.

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