US motorists switch to digital license plates

In the age of digital technology, a person strives to make even the most simple things, such as automobile license plates , as functional as possible . What could be simpler than a metal panel with numbers and letters? How is it possible to improve it? Engineers and designers of the company Reviver Auto offered their vision of car numbers of the future, which the US government liked. Already this year, car owners from the states of California and Arizona will receive the first batch of 100,000 brand new digital numbers. What is unusual about them? Read in our material.

Innovative license plates are called RPlate Pro and represent a small screen protected from external influences and unfavorable weather conditions, which is attached to the car in the same way as ordinary license plates. This display can be connected to the Internet with the official RConnect browser, after which it can display not only the registration number of the car itself, but also any other useful information. The surface of the display is made of a reflective material, which is clearly visible in all weather conditions.

Monochrome display RPlate Pro does not require power to display a static image, so it consumes the power of the built-in battery only at the moments of communication with the Internet or when changing one image to another. The creators of the digital number are sure that thanks to him the life of car owners will be much easier. Firstly, the room is equipped with a system of protection against thieves, which saves you from unnecessary worries and hassle. On paid parking, the number will be able to display the remaining paid time, the number will display any information on the choice of the owner of the car, for example, the logo of your favorite sports team or the fact that he supports the Red Cross organization.

The number can be displayed in black letters on a white background or white on black. If the registration number is overdue and requires re-registration, it will notify its owner by the appearance of the corresponding symbol in the upper right corner. In addition, this number can be used as a board for important announcements, for example, with digital numbers, the state authorities will be able to publish the car number of a dangerous criminal, after which the other motorists will know who to look out for on the roads. Also with the help of numbers it will be possible to warn motorists about unfavorable weather conditions and to warn them against speeding on the roads. The cost of the rooms RPlate Pro has not yet been reported.

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