In Spain, the assembly of the first capsule Hyperloop

Hyperloop Capsule

The Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) start-up, together with the Spanish company Carbures, has begun the next phase of the Hyperloop project – the construction of the first passenger capsule for a super-high-speed train. The work should be completed early next year. Each capsule is designed to carry 26-42 passengers.

Tests of the capsule will be carried out in Toulouse in pipes with reduced pressure. They will be moved by the method of magnetic levitation with an unprecedented speed. The Hyperloop trains will carry up to 164,000 passengers daily with an interval of no more than 40 seconds at a speed of over 1,200 km / h. The size of the capsule is 30.5 x 2.7 m.

Construction of capsule Hyperloop

We remind you that the Hyperloop project was coined by Elon Mask and proposed for implementation by all comers. Around the idea, several independent start-ups were formed. For example, competitor HTT company Hyperloop One this month has built a pilot site for testing the project in the Nevada desert.

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