In the US, mosquitoes will be destroyed with the help of bacteriological weapons

Gram-negative pleomorphic bacteria of the Anaplasmataceae family were first discovered by scientists Marshall Hertig and Simeon Burt Wolbach in 1924. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests infecting mosquitoes with these bacteria and releasing them to freedom, thereby allowing the transmission of a harmful infection to other individuals. While the experimental method has been decided to test on the population of Aedes Albopictus, which is the main carrier of the Zick virus and Dengue fever.

A new bacteriological method for fighting mosquitoes should be an excellent alternative to chemical disinsectants. Wolbachia is an intracellular parasite that lives in the reproductive system of mosquitoes and reduces their fertility. After fertilization of females by males, they will lay off defective eggs, from which mosquitoes already infected with bacteria will appear. This will prevent a further increase in the population and significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes. Technology has already been tested in Kentucky, New York and California. In the near future, infected mosquitoes will also be released in the territory of the other 20 states.

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