In Russia, users will be identified online games by phone number

The Russian Security Council instructed the FSB to develop a series of measures to introduce the identification of users of online video games, social networks and other online services with the help of personal cell phones, RBC writes. Representatives of the Russian authorities have repeatedly claimed that terrorists use video games in order to communicate with each other. But there was no evidence of this to the public. Previously, a similar situation was with several messengers (including Pavel Durov’s Telegram ), now it’s turn to video games.

At a meeting that took place on October 26, representatives of the Russian Security Council instructed the FSB and the Ministry of Communications to develop additional measures to regulate the activities of the organizers of information dissemination on the Internet before June 1, 2018. If you remember, as of January 1, 2018, all messengers that work in Russia should meet these requirements. Requirements include the mandatory identification of all users of network video games by their mobile phone number, as well as the transfer of these registration data to law enforcement agencies on official request. President Vladimir Putin has already signed the minutes of the meeting.

“In Paris, terrorists have organized their communications not only through encrypted instant messengers, but, as far as I know, through PlayStation 4, where it is impossible to determine whether calls for shooting and killing are relevant to the events of a virtual game or a real terrorist attack,” said in February 2016 head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov.

How exactly this system will be organized – yet difficult to say. After all, if the law does enter into force, games with voice or text chats inside will need to be written in such a way that they include registration of the user’s phone number with confirmation of its authenticity. Considering that there are hundreds and thousands of such games, one can imagine how much effort and money it will be necessary to invest in this to their developers. But only the question arises: do they need all this in order to please Russian special services? Perhaps it will be easier to just leave this market and forget about it as a terrible dream. That’s what the founder of the famous Russian company Nival Sergey Orlov thinks about this:

“The leadership of our country has a strange idea that in order to fight terrorism it is necessary to control any channels of communication of people. Tens of thousands of games are released all over the world a year, most of them contain chats in which players can communicate. How are they going to force all developers in the world to comply with the requirements of Russian legislation, when the share of the Russian market from the world market is about 2%? “

To date, the register of “organizers of information dissemination on the Internet” includes several dozens of different services, including the same Telegram, WeChat, social networks “VKontakte”, “Classmates”, dating sites and other online communities. According to statistics, about a year ago the number of gamers in Russia was more than 43 million people. The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov has so far refused to comment on the new bill, representatives of the FSB and the Ministry of Communications have also refrained from comments.

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