What we need a smart house to build: a selection of inexpensive accessories

Make your home “smarter” – perhaps, the dream of almost every second boom, and for that there are reasons. It is very convenient when you can change the temperature in the apartment from the same iPhone, view information on the air quality and humidity in the house on the smartphone, and also receive notifications from the motion sensors. One of the best centralized solutions for this was introduced by Apple and named it HomeKit, but there are other solutions.

A full-fledged smart home system can cost several hundred thousand rubles – it will include electric blinds, an intelligent door lock, a coffee maker that will turn on itself as soon as you open your eyes – in general, the option is not cheap. The difference between HomeKit is that this technology allows you to acquire both expensive accessories and quite affordable budget sensors that can satisfy most users’ needs.

Unfortunately, there are not many such devices in Russia, and if they are, stores often make a “cheat” to the price almost twice. In addition, many gadgets with support for HomeKit do not have notifications, and if you want to order them from another country, there is a risk that the treasured device is “wrapped” in the customs back (lucky if you do not make a fine pay). We searched and found that there are many devices with notifications, and most of them work with HomeKit.

Let’s start, perhaps, with a simple one. Here’s amotion detector from Elgatocan be installed near the front door to always know who is entering your apartment. As soon as the sensor detects suspicious activity, it immediately sends a push notification to the iPhone, and it will not be able to de-energize it because it works on batteries. It is worth about 50 dollars.

A little more expensive you can take Eve Room Sensorfrom the same company. This device is located anywhere in the house or apartment and serves to measure the air quality, temperature and humidity in the house. There is even a function of identifying harmful substances, so this is a kind of home climate station. Separate attention deserves integration with Siri, from which you can learn all the information from the sensor.

Another popular sensor manufacturer is Tado. For example, you can installhouse temperature controller, which maintains the set value due to batteries and air conditioner. The list of supported air conditioners is very large, and on batteries it is enough to install special temperature regulators.

You can control lighting with the help of special smart lamps, which many manufacturers produce (but not all have notifications), including Elgato. Several lighting modes, full control from the iPhone – you can forget about the switches. It is convenient, for example, if you choose on vacation and want to create the appearance of a person in the apartment.

Well and absolutely to transform from an apartment the fortress will help such a sensor system– it can be installed both on the front door and on the windows. With its help, the maximum control of the zones, which can be used by intruders to enter the house, is carried out.

Another option for arranging a “smart” home is offered by Xiaomi (especially important for Android device owners, since they do not support HomeKit). There is an opinion that such devices are better to order in China, but in fact with the Chinese versions there can be many problems – for example, the manufacturer likes to block devices with new firmware. In the US, international versions of the Xiaomi gadgets are implemented, that is, they are adapted for foreign markets.

In this case, device management is not done using the built-in iOS “Home” application, but with the help of a third-party Mi Home program, available for all platforms. So, for example, you can getsmart scales, which not only weigh you, but also report health indicators such as the percentage of body fat, and conveniently aggregate the data in the mobile application.

Xiaomi also offers its smart lamps (like Elgato), only lets out them under the subbrand YEELIGHT. Thisinteresting devicewill cost less than $ 50, but you can control it directly from the Android-smartphone (or iPhone), in addition, there are many lighting modes. Plus a stylish accessory that will complement the interior of any home.

And to get out of the apartment will help robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi. It can be programmed for cleaning at any convenient time, view the route of movement of the vacuum cleaner and even teach it the arrangement of furniture in the apartment. HEPA filters and other useful lotions are included.

These and many other devices for a smart home can be ordered on Amazon.com, although most stores do not deliver goods to Russia, and the price for many positions is very attractive. To help in this case, the “Banderolka” service comes in , which provides you with an American address and itself is engaged in careful sending of the parcel to Russia.

An important advantage of “Bandera” – if, for example, to order several gadgets from different stores at once, you can ask the service employees to combine everything in a warehouse in one package so that the delivery cost less. And for the maximum convenience, the service “Assistance in the purchase” is provided , when the specialists themselves buy out the goods, fill in the declarations and accompany during the whole purchase.

Register in “Banderole”

Delivery, as a rule, takes no more than two weeks, after which you can already make your home “smarter” with the help of new sensors. And since notifications for new devices appear every day, soon available for sending devices to Russia will become much more.

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