The designer of applications for the “smart” column Alexa

Smart column Alexa from Amazon continues to gain popularity of users. The number of people who bought it is approaching forty million, and developers continue to create more and more applications for it, giving the already fairly clever device different skills. Amazon provided an opportunity to create applications to third-party developers, but the startupStoryline went even further by announcing the creation of a service that would allow making new applications for Alexa without any programming skills.

The authors of the idea state that most of the programs created for Alexa do not use the column’s skills to the full, often limited to a couple of simple device possibilities. That’s why the developers made the Alexa skills designer, which allows ordinary users to create new applications, simply dragging buttons with skills into the active window of the program, simultaneously marking the necessary options with “checkmarks”. The application designer will create a working algorithm by which the new program will work, after which the user will only have to publish a new skill in the cloud.

The simplicity and intuitive interface of the designer will allow you to create simple applications in just a few minutes, adapting the functionality of the column to your own needs.

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