Ressence – mechanical watch with “clever” inclinations

Many models of hybrid watches are reminiscent of classic ones only externally – they are usually stuffed with electronic stuffing too, as well as begging for the “smart” prefix in the title, but not in this case. Ressence Company presented its Type 2 e-Crown Concept concept to show what a modern classic watch can look like, created with an eye on the latest technological achievements.

Initially, the clock requires a custom setting – everything happens in the same way as with a regular clock. The user configures the time, winds them, and then they automatically connect to the application for the iPhone, which can independently change time zones and transfer time from summer to winter and back. All the settings are saved, so if the power reserve is exhausted, nothing needs to be twisted again, just press the surface of the clock.

The design of the clock allows you to use both kinetic and solar energy to keep the clock in working order. If the battery is discharged by more than 50 percent, the clock will automatically open the “shutters” covering the solar panels.

Unfortunately, you can not buy this watch in any way – the developers explained that they made them exclusively for demonstrating technologies. Nevertheless, the presented model will be modified and that’s just the second version and will go on sale in 2018.

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