In the next update of iOS, you can turn off the slowdown of older iPhone models

The scandal surrounding the fact that Apple deliberately slows down the old iPhone models as their batteries deteriorate, is rapidly gaining momentum. The company has repeatedly made official statements, apologized to its users and even reduced the cost of replacing batteries in their smartphones from $ 79 to $ 29. But the snow avalanche could no longer be stopped. One by one, Apple filed lawsuits (even from Russian users). Therefore Tim Cook personally hastened to calm the boiling masses.

In his interview to Apple’s ABC News CEO, Tim Cook again touched on the topic of the recent scandal. He assured users of the company’s products that in the next update of iOS 11 there will be a new function that allows to disable the slowdown of devices, which is activated as the battery degrades. The beta version of the next update iOS should appear in February, and the final release can be expected in March.

“We are going to provide our users with complete information about the state of the battery of their device. All this will be completely transparent. None of the manufacturers have ever done anything like this, “Tim Cook said.

After installing a new version of the firmware, the device will notify the user that his smartphone automatically switches to a lower power of the iron to prevent a sudden shutdown due to poor battery conditions. According to Cook, if you do not like this situation, you can simply disable this feature. True, the head of Apple immediately made a reservation that he does not recommend doing this, because in this case your smartphone can suddenly turn off at the most inopportune moment.

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