Don’t you dare use the Super NES Classic’s rewind feature, you loser

Don’t do that. Come on. Don’t you dare.

I’m not looking to drag out my soapbox, grab my cane, yell “get off my lawn” and opine about the good ol’ days here. I don’t care if modern games are easier or whatever. This rewind feature just seems misplaced.

Hear me out.

These old games were designed to be a certain sort of difficult. You’re supposed to be challenged by the tough racing in F-Zero. The grueling rounds in Super Punch Out are supposed to put you on your butt more often than not. Friends, don’t even get my started on Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts, which I’ll mark as one of the hardest in the list of games.

You’re meant to lose. You’re meant to die. You’re meant to bang your head against the wall as you witness your mistakes in real time and wind up restarting races, levels or campaigns from scratch.

The lifeblood of these classic games stems from their original design, and titles like Donkey Kong Country served us so well in part because of their difficulty curve. The first time I played a mine cart level in that game, I got wrecked. Being able to rewind time would have turned it into a cake walk.

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